New Feature

Signup Link for Messages

Share a message with a unique link to let recipients sign themselves up and get access to the content.

May 24, 2021

The normal way of sending messages in Zelo is to compose a message and send it to a selected audience. However, sometimes you create landing pages and content that have a longer time to live. It could be onboarding material, compliance courses, or other content. Over time it is a timely task to update audiences with new employees manually, and this is where the new signup link feature comes in handy.

Enable Sharing

A message's Summary page now has a setting called Share. With this setting enabled, a link is created and can be shared anywhere for recipients to sign up.

There is also an option to get notified when new recipients sign up for the message.

The Sign-up Form

When opening the link you are presented with a sign-up form to fill out. The form states the name of the message and the account name.

When submitting Zelo sends the original message via email to the recipient and notifies the chosen email addresses.

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