Target Your Messages
And Automate

Unleash your employee engagement strategy with automation. Zelo sends your messages on the channel of preference and with the perfect timing for each employee in the organization.

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Select Channels

Target different channels based on your communication style and use case.


Time your sends across time zones, or send urgent messages instantly.

Let Zelo Decide

Let your audience choose when and where to receive comms, and leave the calculations to Zelo.

Personalized Scheduling

09:00am is not the same for everyone.

Schedule send-outs at fixed times to everyone, at fixed times across time zones, or let your recipients set their individual preferred time to receive newsletters and company updates.

Let Your Audience Decide

Each employee can set their own time and channel preferences and add phone details to opt-in to text messaging. This is a very powerful feature for companies with a lot of workers in the field, remote or part-time.

Now you can automate the perfect distribution of company updates in your organization so you provide that personal touch, every time.

Personalized Reach

Send messages across Email, SMS, Slack, Teams, and more. Let recipients choose their preferred channel and stop posting the same message on all platforms.

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Let employees choose Slack newsletters if that is what they want

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Built For Internal Use

Zelo works seamlessly with your tools. And, of course, we have your back when it comes to security.

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