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Drag & Drop Email Composer

Compose beautiful comms with Zelo's new drag & drop email composer. Share the content over multiple channels, with modern and responsive HTML templates that look great on every device.

September 1, 2021

A New Dimension to Email in Zelo

Drag & Drop Visual Builder

Create beautiful emails custom branded with visual shapes, images, buttons, links, and more. Use custom links to incorporate the Zelo Stepped Landing Page in the emails, or add call-to-actions for employees to access external content or preferences.

Create On-Brand Communications

Import brand assets, colors, and typography to ensure the communications align with the company's brand guidelines and visual identity.


The editor comes with a suite of pre-made templates, with the option to create and save your own templates. The Zelo team is also here to help to import and translate any existing templates.

Send Emails Across Channels

The email content is also compatible with other channels like SMS, Slack, and Teams with the option "Email as a Landing Page." Since the editor produces a fully responsive design, it will look great on any device.

Need Help to Get Started?

The Zelo Team offers both new and existing clients help to import and create templates. Get in touch and boost recipient engagement!

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