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Zelo was founded with the vision of helping People Leaders communicate better with their employees.
- Henrik Jesman Sunde,
Chief Executive Officer, Zelo

orking hand-in-hand with HR and People Leaders in over a dozen industries, we have created one of the most scaleable, multi-channel communication tools in the world.

Today, hundreds of successful companies use Zelo to understand the needs of their employees and communicate better then they ever have before.

Zelo is the first solution in the industry to combine multichannel messages with analytics and actionable intelligence regarding how communications are being received by the audience.

Our approach to messaging offers unparalleled control of communications, profound insights into how they can be improved and far better employee responses.

- Brenda, Internal Communications Manager

Adding SMS to our channel portfolio was easy!

The Zelo Team helped us all the way and we were able to implement SMS as an opt-in channel for our company communications. Pilot and company rollout in a matter of weeks!

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Meet Your Team

Zelo dedicates a team of professionals to each account and is never further than a phone call or email away. Your team is here to help you explore how Zelo can work for your organization.

Simen Ytre-Arne

Chief Operations Officer


Martin Venaas

Technical Lead


Mark Robinson

Head of Product


Henrik Jesman Sunde

Chief Executive Officer


James Coll

Senior Software Developer


We Work for Your Success

With Zelo, you will be up and running with a pilot in less than a day. Your Account Team will work with you to optimize the tool for your company and ensure that the integration and rollout is secure and easy. We make the needs of your business a priority.

Your Account Team can help you answer questions like:

How do I add additional channels to my communication options?

How do I customize Zelo for my needs?

How do I get more out of Zelo?

Empower Your Employees to Be Their Best

Teams that use Zelo communicate better and have lower rates of employee fatigue than organizations that don’t. Zelo is committed to working with you to provide rich, impactful communications and achieve high quality employee communications.

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We Are More Than Just a Tool

We are a knowledge base to help you make better decisions


Well, we’ve got answers.

Reach out and our team will show you how Zelo can help you communicate with your employees and build better teams.

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