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Zelo says no to manual data entries, updating distribution lists, and bounced communications.

Distribution Channels

Send communications to Slack, Teams, Workplace, email and SMS.

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Let employees choose Slack newsletters if that is what they want

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Sync With Your HRIS

Sync employees from Workday, Azure, G-Suite, Breathe HR, Okta, MS Active Directory, and Bamboo HR.

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We are continuously expanding our list of integrations and would be excited to know what other systems you would like to see Zelo working with.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions, answered.

What is a distribution channel?

A distribution channel is a way to send messages to employees or other recipients. Email is the most common example. However, Zelo enables you to utilize more channels in parallel to optimize your communication's reach.

Can I use more than one channel simultaneously?

Yes! When setting up a new message, you can route the message to one or several channels, depending on your audience and setup.

What information are you able to sync with our HRIS?

Zelo's synchronization engine is very flexible. When setting up a new sync, select which fields you want to share from your HRIS. Zelo will detect all incoming attributes and map them to your users. This way, your distribution lists will always be up-to-date.