Track And Iterate
Get To Know Your Audience

Get the best-in-class analytics to understand how your content is performing and how you should improve on your KPIs.

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Proactive Advice

Get advice and trends that will help you stay in touch with business critical employees.

Go Beyond Open Rates

Zelo's powerful engagement dashboards tells a much wider story about engagement then open rates.

Understand Your Audience

Understand which groups in the organization that are engaged, and get help to re-engage hard-to-reach groups.

Real-time Advice and Trends

Zelo analyzes your employee responses and trends to provide you with real-time analytics, improving the effectiveness of your communications.

Gather Feedback

With the Zelo landing page editor you can ask employees anything through the different survey options. Zelo also gathers analytics on video performance and what content works better with different audiences.

Keep Track of Messages

Understand when, where and how employees interact with messages and content to better understand how to build your employee engagement strategy.

Let employees choose Slack newsletters if that is what they want

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Built For Internal Use

Zelo works seamlessly with your tools. And, of course, we have your back when it comes to security.

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Avoid Fatigue

Understand when you are sending out too much and capture when recipients are tired of receiving messages from you. With our fatigue dashboard you can schedule send-outs when updates actually will be read.

Why Our Customers Love Us

With Zelo we can schedule our company updates to be sent at the preferred time for every employee in our global workforce.
Tailoring the timing doubled our readership.

Customer qoute Andrew

Andrew Le

VP of Corporate Communications

The easy drag-and-drop editor made my newsletter process way more effective! Now I can send messages on preferred channels with one click from a unified dashboard.

Customer qoute Brenda

Brenda Holmes

VP of Internal Comms