New Feature

Fatigue Dashboard

Zelo has introduced a new addition to the dashboard called “Fatigue”. This feature will enable you to understand when your recipients are tired of receiving messages from you.

March 23, 2021

The feature set answers the question about when your audience will have fewer responses to what you have sent and the dashboard consists of three sections:

Percent Opened

This chart shows the percentage of your messages that have been opened over time. This chart is normalized for the volume of messages that you are sending so it is accurately viewing how your messages are performing regardless of how large your batch of messages are. As the moving average goes up or down, you will know how your audience is responding. If the line goes up, you are doing well. If it goes down dramatically, you might want to consider postponing additional messages for a day or two.

Mean Time To Open

This chart shows you how long it takes for your messages to be opened. If the line showing your running average is going down, your audience is responding quickly, and you can keep sending out additional messages. If the line is going up, you might want to lower your volume of messages.

Key Fatigue Trends

This widget shows you how your communication sends correspond to the percentage of communication opens you are getting. If you change the time period in the widget or across the entire fatigue page, this widget will recalculate the ”sends” and ”opens” for the new time period against the previous time period. This widget is designed to give you a quick understanding of how your audience is responding to receiving your messages.

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