New Feature

Domain Authentication

Zelo has introduced a new feature that enables you to verify and use your company's domain. Domain authentication lets you send messages from Zelo with custom email addresses and build trust with your audience.

April 15, 2021

What is domain authentication?

Domain authentication is the process of allowing Zelo to use your custom domain. By default, Zelo sends all emails from "" With a verified domain you can send emails from "" directly from Zelo. Zelo supports multiple domains added to your account.

There are many advantages with domain authentication:

  • An authenticated domain improves mail deliverability and a sender's reputation.
  • Domain Authentication is an industry best practice that's ideal for sending large volumes.
  • You can send from any email address on your authenticated domain.

Domain authentication is a technical feature to set up and requires you to add a few records to your DNS server.

Add New Senders

To send messages via a custom domain, you need a sender. A sender is a name and an address that points to the custom domain.

Senders are created and selected inside the Channel Message page, where the email content is created. Via the dropdown, you can choose and edit existing senders or add new ones. Once a sender is in the list, you can select it as a sender for the current message.

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