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How It Works


Drag & Drop Content Builder

Compose great looking messages with ready-to-go content blocks. Zelo allows you to utilize the right formatting of every channel, including email, SMS, Slack, Teams, and more.

Landing Pages

Add interactive pages to ensure content consistency across channels. Create surveys, learning material, strategy presentations, and more through Zelo's landing page options.

Ready-To-Use Templates

Kick-start any message with pre-made templates for different message types, as newsletters, announcements, and more.

On-Brand Communications

Import your company's brand profile to secure consistency across messages and channels, including logos, colors, headers and footers.


Multi-Channel Distribution

Communicate with employees over the channel they are most likely to respond to including email, Slack, text, Microsoft Teams and more.

Optimize Timing

Send messages to your employees when they are most likely to engage with the content. This allows you to send messages perfectly timed to when each individual is inclined to respond or at the same time to everybody.

Set Your Preferences

Zelo provides employees with a settings page to update their communication preferences and contact information.

Personal Content Archive

Every employee gets an own dedicated page to stay updated on messages and archive all received messages and content across channels.


Keep Track of Messages

Understand when, where and how employees interact with messages and content to better understand how to build your communication strategies.

Real-time Advice and Trends

Zelo analyzes your employee responses and trends to provide you with real-time advice to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Gather Feedback

Through Zelo's landing page options you can ask employees anything through the different survey options. Zelo also gathers analytics on video performance and what content works best with different audiences.

Avoid Fatigue

Understand when you are sending out too much and recipients are tired of receiving messages from you. With our fatigue dashboard you can continuously monitor fatigue across the organization.

- Claire, Internal Communications Specialist

Why not send personalized messages how employees want them?

I've been looking for a solution like this for quite some time. With Zelo we connect with the whole company, not just the few that use our intranet or we can reach efficiently via emails. With the help of the analytics dashboard we were able to increase our open rates by 300%.

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We Work With Your Systems,
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Easy Sync With Your HRIS Platform

Zelo integrates with G-Suite, ADP, Workday, Azure, Okta and many more.

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Manual Import of Employee Information

If you have no HRIS platform, no problem. Zelo imports Excel and CSV files in minutes.


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