Zelo Scales to the Needs of
Your Business

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Communicate Across
Multiple Channels

All in One Communication

Zelo allows your organization to communicate with employees over the channel they are most likely to respond to including email, Slack, text, Microsoft Teams and more.

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Flexible On-Brand Communications

Zelo provides a single interface for all your communication channels with the ability to support your corporate branding.

Timing is Everything

Timing to Suit Your Business

Zelo can send messages to your employees when they are most likely to engage with the content.

Timing to Suit Your Audience

Zelo allows you to send messages at a time when each individual are inclined to respond or at the same time to everybody.

Screenshot from Zelo application showing different timing options for content distribution.

Analytics To Understand
Your Audience

Advice You Can Use

Zelo analyzes your employee responses and trends to provide you with real-time advice to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Trends You Should Watch

Zelo looks at what's happening with your communications and identifies trends you should be aware of.

Hear What Your Employees
Are Saying

Innovative Landing Pages

Zelo supports a variety of landing page options for your communications including creating dedicated content with multimedia, surveys and more.

Create Employee Surveys

Zelo provides an easy-to-use interface to create employee surveys and collect feedback about programs and even your communications.

Employee Preferences

Zelo provides employees with a settings page to update their communication preferences and information.

- Claire, Internal Communications Specialist

Why not send personalized messages how employees want them?

I've been looking for a solution like this for quite some time. With Zelo we connect with the whole company, not just the few that use our intranet or we can reach efficiently via emails. With the help of the analytics dashboard we were able to increase our open rates by 300%.

What our customers say

We Work With Your Systems,
So You Don’t Have To

Easy Sync With Your HRIS Platform

Zelo has adopted WorkOS to handle directory sync. Through this innovative platform, we integrate into Google, ADP, Workday, Azure, Okta and many more.

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Manual Import of Employee Information

If you have no HRIS platform, no problem. Zelo imports Excel and CSV files in minutes.


Well, we’ve got answers.

Reach out and our team will show you how Zelo can help you communicate with your employees and build better teams.

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