Zelo Announces the Release of Zelo 2.0

Zelo announces the release of Zelo 2.0, a SaaS enabling customers to efficiently monitor and improve internal corporate communications. This release builds on the success of the Zelo platform by introducing several key innovations that allow companies to tailor the delivery and content of their communications to more effectively reach their audience.

Written by

Henrik Jesman Sunde

June 15, 2021

  • Zelo Insights uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the timing, delivery method and content of messages to effectively reach a company’s audience.
  • Zelo Channels provides customers with a unique multi-channel approach to communication. Now customers can communicate using the vehicle that their audience is most receptive to, including email, Slack, SMS and Workplace with many more to follow.
  • Zelo Dashboard provides a unique view of the responses to communications with your audience and identifies trends that you should be aware of. In addition, you can also compare your communication performance to teams on a global basis to understand where you can make improvements.
  • Zelo Scheduling using artificial intelligence looks carefully at audience behavior and determines the best time and date to send out communications, resulting in increased response rate.

In these unprecedented times, where more people are working remotely than ever before, it has never been more important to communicate effectively with your employees. Zelo not only analyzes your audience to understand how and when to communicate, but also examines the content itself to make sure that it is suitable for each of your viewers.

“With the introduction of Zelo 2.0, companies finally have the means to tailor communications on an individual level and communicate more effectively than ever before” said Henrik Jesman Sunde, Founder and CEO of Zelo.

Zelo provides the ability to deliver the right message to the modern workforce via the preferred communication channel of every end recipient.

Zelo is currently used by companies throughout the United States, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, with new markets being opened up regularly.

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Zelo is a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage with their employees without the burden of siloed communication systems. The tool enables teams to discover which channel works best for each individual employee and empowers management by identifying when each employee has highest probability to engage with content.

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