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With a widespread network of resellers, Volkswagen Moller Bilfinans AS has a tough job tracking compliance and certification for financial products in their different markets. Using Zelo they could focus on monitoring and drastically reduce the manual labor spent on driving compliance. With an easy-to-use interface the tool provides team leaders a dedicated dashboard using the built-in department feature.

Written by

Henrik Jesman Sunde

January 6, 2021

Each December, Regional Manager Ine Nilsen in Volkswagen Moller Bilfinans AS used to manually email resellers in order to stay compliant on Anti-Money Laundering. A lot of this work was time consuming and involved persuasion and reminding, effectively disrupting ongoing processes. For the reseller the requirement is to complete a course in AML once per year, and all resellers need to keep their certification valid in order for the Financial Agent to secure freedom to operate in the market.

Zelo is simple to use and enables you to use your whole organisation to drive compliance in a much more efficient way.  

Using Zelo, Volkswagen Moller Bilfinans AS can keep track of each resellers compliance status and automatically remind individuals that are closing in on their deadline. It is also easy to delegate compliance work using the department feature, so that each manager can have access to designated resellers. This way compliance becomes a natural part of the normal workflow, and can be done throughout the year in small increments. It is also easy to keep up with changes in the organisation and transfers within the different locations.

The first thing we noticed using Zelo was the great spirit from The Onboarding Team. They helped us get going in a matter of days.

This year Ine Nilsen and her team reached 90% compliance in just 7 days using the tool, and the remainder is easy to process manually by designating the task to each responsible manager. They also have complete oversight and access to dashboards which monitors the compliance real-time. Nilsen says that having a centralised system of reference makes the integration with Zelo much easier and that the job of staying compliant now has become a much lighter effort throughout the year.

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