Compose engaging content, fast

Composing good learning content should be easy. With Zelo's prebuilt steps a content creator can drop in videos, questions, create tests, edit rich text, and while at the task get advice and info suited to the target audience. Schedule the learning to be distributed through the most efficient channels, at a time where the audience is more likely to engage with the content.

Delivery tailored to your audience

Learners receive a unique link. No passwords or logins required. The content opens and plays directly in a browser on desktop, tablets and phones through a simple and intuitive user interface. Spend less time helping learners with the technical stuff and let them focus on new knowledge.

Track content performance and completion rates

And while learners consume the content Zelo gathers insights on how the content is performing in real time. With this insight content creators can get concrete suggestions on how to improve the next course. The days of gut feelings are gone.

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