Communicate With Confidence

Zelo delivers the right message to the modern workforce via the preferred communication channel of every end recipient. Just press send once.

Zelo in Short:

  • Collect detailed analytics on every piece of company communication.
  • Iterate and improve your ability to communicate to and engage employees or clients with real-time intelligence.
  • Distribute content via the channel and time of choice for every individual based on their preferences.
  • Personalize Internal Communication across every channel from a single tool.
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What our customers say

"Before Zelo we had to drive training and implementation processes, now our employees request new courses and material for self-development."
"Can I use Zelo for all our communication? I can’t get enough, finally something understandable and easy to use!"

Compose and import content with ease

Zelo’s simple user interface makes creating content out-of-the-box seamless. Share files, embed videos, add images, poll your audience, receive feedback, and much more!

Now, just press send once.