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What is Zelo?

With Zelo you can collect detailed analytics on every piece of company communication, iterate and improve your ability to communicate to and engage employees with real-time intelligence.

Personalized channel delivery 💬

  • Every individual has their own channel preference for certain types of content.
  • Zelo knows what channel each recipient is most likely to respond in.
  • When doing auto-reminders Zelo can track individuals across channels - only using the one that works.

By personalizing channel delivery in the organization, managers can amplify the employee experience with data. By either letting the employees choose their preferred channel or setting the standard for them, companies fast-track the existing communication framework.

Messaging delivery from Zelo can be set up to perfectly match the company brand guidelines, so employees will not notice any new tools and there is no need for onboarding of the audience.

Individual timing ⏰

  • Timing is key when it comes to content performance
  • By harvesting data points and habituating to each individual, Zelo drives execution across the company.
  • Options for sending to everyone at the same time or sending manually are also available.

Using an asynchronous send out method, all employees can receive messaging at the time when they personally are most likely to engage with the content.

If there are cases that need urgent attention ex. fire drill you can of course also send out companywide information instantaneously, either in groupings by local timezone or all at once.

Powerful Analytics 📊

  • Provide in-depth company data to decision makers for empirical decision.
  • Measure KPIs and iterate on-the-fly based on real-time quality dashboards.
  • Be proactive in your communication by monitoring channel trends, content performance and timing shifts.

By harvesting data from the organization that today are mostly hidden, Zelo enables you to zoom in on the pulse of your communications. A quick summary for short notice meetings combined with individual reports of timing, content, location and technologies provides the flexibility yet gravity you need to make content iterations and data-driven company moves.

Simen Ytre-Arne
This article is written by:

Simen Ytre-Arne

Chief Operating Officer

Simen is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer in Zelo, a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage their employees without the burden of silo communication systems.

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