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Time and Execution page

This is a simple overview of the Time and Execution page on the dashboard.

The time and execution tab tells us about recipient activity. How many have opened a Zelo? When are people active and watching the Zelos? Are there any Zelos that couldn’t be delivered?

These are questions you’ll get answered on this page. Let’s have a look on the different widgets.


Progress tells you how many percentages of the sent out material has successfully ended up in the recipients’ channel, been opened, and completed.

  • Sent means successfully sent out.
  • Received means that the recipient has gotten the Zelo in their inbox or chat without technical problems.
  • Opened means a recipient has opened the Zelo once.
  • And completed means a recipient has gone through all the content in the Zelo.

Daily and weekly activity

Daily and weekly activity tell you when your recipients are active. These graphs show the activity from either opens or completions. The tied in advice gives a sweet spot estimate for sending out content based on the historical activity in your account.

Most and least active attributes

Most and least active attributes tell which groups of recipients who are most and least active in relation to opening and engaging with the Zelos.


The stats tell:

  • How many Zelos that have been sent
  • How many recipients who have received these Zelos
  • How many time each recipient has opened Zelos on average
  • How many actual opens there have been
  • And how many completions there have been in the selected period.

The 10 last sent Zelos

The 10 last sent Zelos list gives a quick overview of how the last sent Zelos are performing, and handy shortcuts for going directly to the dashboard of each of them.

Issues and tasks

The issues and tasks widget gives a quick overview and action items on often used tasks.

  • The two first buttons give an indication of how many recipients haven’t responded to the Zelos and clicking it provides a further drill-down of the data with links for sending reminders.
  • The two next buttons give an overview of failed deliveries. For instance, if a recipient has changed its email address, the email would bounce and show up here.

More in-depth tutorials for these buttons can be found here:

Simen Ytre-Arne
This article is written by:

Simen Ytre-Arne

Head of Product

Simen is the Founder and Head of Product of Zelo, a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage their employees without the burden of silo communication systems.

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