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In this section, we'll take a look at reminders - what they are, where they are, and how to best use this feature.

People are busy, and it is only natural to forget tasks appointed. That's why we sometimes need a helping hand through a reminder, either through a collegial reminder or a notification. In Zelo we have implemented such a feature, that on request will send a reminder to those that yet have to complete a task given to them.

Where to send reminder

Reminders are tied to the specific messages, and is accessed within Recipient List of a message. Note that recipient list is accessible after a couple of minutes after the initial distribution of the message.

In this example the message sent contains a course needed to be completed by the recipients. Those recipients that has completed the course will have the completion time listed in the Completed column. Administrators can overwrite completion by clicking Mark as complete.

Clicking Send Reminder brings you to the reminder editor menu.

In this popup you have a couple of options: 

  • Sender will let you chose different senders, depending on those available through Domain Authentication.
  • Email Subject let's you chose a suitable subject for the reminder.
  • Email Body contains a editor to customize the reminder.

Select Recipients brings you to the selection menu. Alternatively, clicking Select Recipients in top of screen brings you to the same popup.

The recipients table inside the reminder popup only displays recipients who have not completed the message.

Clicking the empty box in top left corner selects all recipients. Alternatively, you can select individual recipients (as few or as many as you want) and send a reminder to those only. The reminder will be sent to the email address registered to the users.

When you click "Send Now" an email will be sent to each chosen recipient with the message from the previous step and the link to the landing page.

Advice for usage

While it is tempting to remind people quickly and often about tasks needed to be completed, we advice a bit of caution here. As doing the opposite might make employees reductant to opening the messages sent, with the result of the effectiveness of your communication to suffer. While there are no fit-it-all solution, having a weekly reminder might offer a fine balance between users need for flexibility and your need for tasks to be completed.

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