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Introduction to working with Zelos

This is a short introduction to the "All Zelos" page, navigation, and folders.

Navigating between Zelos

“All Zelos” is what it sounds like. It contains all the Zelos you’ve created in your account.

To the left, we have a simple navigation bar where you can access different folders. The folders are created when you move a Zelo to a new folder (more about folders in this article). To the upper right we have a button for creating new Zelos.

The Zelo list

On top of the list, you can see the recently modified Zelos. These might be the ones you are working on or have recently sent out. You get a quick overview of the title, which categories the Zelo is associated with, the status of it, and some basic analytics if it is sent. You can also preview its content. Via the three dots to the right on each Zelo row you can move it to a folder, and duplicate it.

Working with folders

To create a folder, click on the three dots and from the dropdown select to create a new folder. You can also place the Zelo into an existing folder, or choose to create a duplicate of it.

Remember: You can search by name or sort the columns to easily find the Zelos you are looking for.

Simen Ytre-Arne
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Simen Ytre-Arne

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Simen is the Founder and Head of Product of Zelo, a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage their employees without the burden of silo communication systems.

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