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Integrating Microsoft Teams with Zelo

To get started with this integration you will need Teams Administrator credentials for your organization.

To integrate Microsoft Teams with Zelo, you will need to deploy an app into your organization Microsoft Teams environment.

The Zelo Teams-integration app is currently in review before becoming available on the Global Microsoft Teams App Store. Until then the Teams Administrator will need to upload the Zelo Teams-integration app manually.

The Zelo Support Team will provide the Zelo Teams-integration app as a .zip file via email. The .zip file contains a JSON manifest and a couple of .png icons. The manifest file contains metadata and links to resources hosted in Zelo’s Azure tenant that Microsoft Teams will use to communicate with Zelo.

No executable code is installed into the customer’s Azure tenant.

The Zelo Teams-integration app can be uploaded using the Microsoft Teams Admin center:

After uploading, the Zelo Teams-integration app will be available for users to install. To automatically install The Zelo Teams-integration app for all users, click on “Setup Policies”:

To complete the integration, use the Zelo Admin in the Web App to enter your Tenant ID (requires access to Zelo App). Alternatively, you can send the Tenant ID to Zelo Support and we'll enter it for you.

Remember to check the "Activate Channel" box before you start using Teams.
You've now successfully integrated you Microsoft Teams organization with Zelo.

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