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Export recipient report

In this section, we'll take a look at the export function related to recipients of messages and content - what it is, and how to retrieve one.

What recipient report is

Recipient report is a report you as an admin can utilize to quickly get an overview on how well your messages are performing.

Are the audience opening my messages, do they complete the tasks I send to them, are they stuck at my questionnaire? All these questions are answered in the report, amongst other useful data.

Recipient reports are tied to the specific messages, thus you'll be able to easily distinguish the various message and discover how effective any particular content is.

The report is exported as native Excel format.

How to retrieve the report

Within any message, clicking Recipient List brings you to the section where you can both view and export the report. Note that you will have to wait some minutes from sending a message until this data is available. The page and report will automatically be updated real-time.

In the example below we used a course as example, but any type of content is supported when it comes to accessing and viewing this report.

Content of the report

Using the first image, the report exported will list the name of the message in top of the sheet followed by opening and completion data. The other columns are:

  • Zelo Link - The unique link for each user
  • First Name / Last Name - Name of the user
  • Title - Work title or similar used in the organization
  • Attribute 1 / 2 / 3 - Optional attributes used in the organization
  • Email - Email for the user
  • Phone - Phone number for the user
  • Opened - When the message was opened by the user
  • Completed - When all steps have been visited by the user (only for landing pages)
  • 1) Quiz... / 2) Quiz ... - Included if there are questions in the landing page. Shows individual answers.
  • Test Status - Shows whether a test is passed or failed (if test step is included)
  • Quiz Score - Shows the last percentage when the user submitted the test (if test step is included)

Note that completion is visible only to messages that contains a landing page. In messages where no landing page is configured, the completion columns and data is omitted.

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