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Deleting or archiving a Zelo

Have you looked for a delete button for Zelos? This is our way of letting go of unneeded Zelos without removing them completely.

In Zelo we archive instead of delete

If you want to remove a message from the Zelo list or folders, simply archive it. It will stay intact with all its data for later use, but it will no longer be available for the recipients and. A message can be unarchived at any time. This will restore the message to its previous state.

The "archive" function is in the actions list for a Message:

Where archived messages are stored:

How an archived message looks for recipients who open it:

Simen Ytre-Arne
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Simen Ytre-Arne

Chief Operating Officer

Simen is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer in Zelo, a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage their employees without the burden of silo communication systems.

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