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Change User Preferences

This guide delves into how to change your user preferences for the content sent through Zelo.

Zelo offers recipients some personal settings where they can set their channel and timing preferences. The preferences are available via the recipient's Overview Page. Here are two ways to get access:

1. Through an email footer link

At the end of each email sent from the system, the footer contains a few links to different resources.

Clicking Overview and Preferences brings you to the account preference page. (NB: The footer setup may vary for different accounts):

On this page, you will find all content sent to you and the status of each message. Archived means the content is no longer active. Completed means you have done the required actions, while Not Opened means you have not watched the content yet.

Clicking Preferences in the top bar brings you to the preference page.

On this page, you have three options:

  • Clicking Preferred channel brings a dropdown list of the current channels available to your user to utilize. Channel in this context means medium, e.g. Slack, SMS, Email, Workplace, and so on.
  • Clicking Preferred time let you decide when to receive content sent through Zelo.
  • Clicking Preferred day of week will enable you to chose which day you prefer to receive content not flagged as time-sensitive.

2. Through My Overview

  1. Navigate to the login page of Zelo and click Get link to My Overview. Type your email address and submit.
  1. In the email that is sent from the system, click "this link" to open the Overview Page.

Note that when creating content through Zelo, setting a manual channel choice will disable the user's preferences. Usually, Zelo should decide the channels to ensure effective communication in your organization, keep people in sync.


May 4, 2021


May 21, 2021

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