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Add More Recipients

In this section, we'll take a look at how to update and add more recipients to a sent message.

Being able to re-use messages that contains valuable information, both to save time but also ensure that everyone gets the same information, is a crucial part in effective communication. To that end Zelo offers functionality to distribute your messages to new or updated groups of users, through the Add More Recipients feature.

This feature is accessible by navigating to any particular message, and to the page Add More Recipients. Note that this feature is accessible a couple of minutes after the message is initially sent.


On this page, you have access to various features and information.

  • The Update Audience section (red box) takes into consideration the pre-existing filters used at the time of initial sending, and checks whether there are new users that are caught within this filter and has previously not received this message. If so, checking this box will show a sending bar in top of the screen that states how many new users will receive a copy of this message.
  • The striped grey bar (purple box) shows how many users have received this message before. It utilizes a filter on the attribute Location, and makes Zelo send the message only to those in Boston and New York office.
  • The non-striped bar (green box) is a second custom filter that has been added and is ready to send to, which includes users located in Lakeville. It utilizes the same attribute Location as above. As this filter has not been used with the message before, it visual appearance is different.
  • Add Individual Recipients let you type in the name of the user you want to include in receiving the message. It is optional, as well that you can add as many users you want through this method.


Clicking the + New Filter button brings you to the filter submenu.

The + Add Attribute button let you utilize your organization's attributes to create various filters. You can use as many attributes you want at the same time, by clicking the same button consecutive.

Once an attribute has been chosen, you can select the various terms associated with it. In this example we have used the location attribute, which is a list of all the cities the various offices resides in. As with attributes, you can select as many terms as you like.

All filters can act as inclusion or exclusion. Checking the Exclude box will make the current filters act as exclusion, e.g. Lakeville user would be excluded from receiving this message. You can also use a mixture of inclusion and exclusion within the same filter.

Last Step

Once the message has been distributed to those within the new filters, the visual changes along with it. The list will expand as long as new filters are added, as well that Zelo will keep track of what users are caught within each filter.

If Lakeville office gets 3 new employees at a later time, you can simply check the Update Audience box and click "Send to new recipients" to distribute this message to those that previously has not received it - no duplicate message for the rest.

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