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A quick tour of the admin application

In Zelo we have 4 main areas: All Zelos, the Dashboard, Recipients, and Settings.

All Zelos

When you log in you’ll see “All Zelos” which is the home of all the Zelos you create. A Zelo contains the content that you want to send out. Here you can create new ones, get some simple statistics, and organize them into folders. We’ll take a closer look at a Zelo later.

The dashboard

Then we have the dashboard that shows analytics for the whole account. The dashboard has five tabs, that all shows you different types of metrics related to your Zelos and your audience.


The third area is “Recipients” where you can see and edit recipients for the whole system. You can also import recipients from an Excel or CSV sheet.


The last area is “Settings”. This is where  you can:

  • Change your own admin details, like your email address, name, and password.
  • Edit account information, like name, logo, and so forth.
  • Lastly, you can manage channels and integrations that are linked to your account.

This is the application for admins and managers. People who receive Zelos will not see these pages.

Simen Ytre-Arne
This article is written by:

Simen Ytre-Arne

Head of Product

Simen is the Founder and Head of Product of Zelo, a B2B SaaS that helps managers reach and engage their employees without the burden of silo communication systems.

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